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Drum Order Form

UPDATE Sat, 20th November 2021:
Hi Friends, Just a quick update from me.
For the time being I am not taking any more 8 inch and 14 inch Shamanic Drum orders. I experienced huge delays in my drum building because of the COVID lockdown in Sydney and my orders for these drums are now at full capacity.
I am only 1 man and can only build these Shamanic Drums under the correct weather conditions and moon alignments. Plus the they take extra time to dry in the colder, wetter conditions (like we are having in Sydney at the moment) and take longer to ‘settle’ when it is humid (which I am certain is just around the corner).
If you are still after a drum, I am still taking orders for my “Arnhem Land Ceremonial Drums” which will be built on my next trip north planed for the Dry Season 2022 (Winter). I already have a bunch of orders for this trip and there is only a limited number of drums that I can build while I am up there, so if you are interested in one of these special drums, you better get in fast.
To those that currently have an order with me, I appreciate your ongoing support, patience and understanding with the COVID Delays – I am trying to work as fast as I can to get your drums into your hands.
Much love to you all, may your journey be peaceful and harmonious!
Talk soon!

Once you submit this form I am going to be replying to you with my bank details so that you can join the build queue. Unfortunately, this means my email will end up in your SPAM or JUNK mailbox.

So please keep an eye out for it. To also help this situation you can add my email to your address book. The address is hello@shamanicdrums.com.au